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Don’t Be Scared…

August 14, 2011

Let go of fear, fear of death, fear of man. This is what they use to control us. We are too imbedded in the values assigned to the material world within the system constructed by those who’ve victimized you. Why must you continue thinking within the limits of that system? You all clearly have sense. What’s blocking you? Too much trouble? Too little comfort— associated with the familiarity of age-old problems? Hopelessness is the goal of those who lacks faith in their own strength. I can’t join the team striving for hopelessness so don’t see me as an adversary when you sense my resistance.


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  1. gosh Sylvana……you seem to have quite a few personalities…..but they all SUCK…..

    • My name is not Sylvania. We’ve never met. My name is Lynn and I live in Culver City California. I’d be happy to meet you in person and show you exactly who I am. Upon learning about your, um, activities I “warned” that you live in Los Angeles. I shop at Ralph’s on Overland and Jefferson. I’d happily meet you there because your cowardly online bullshit is tiresome and unless you plan on accepting my in person invitation, expect me to cease investing another second in your sorry ass after this. There’s always the option of you getting a life and moving on.


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